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Added Sugar

One of the biggest sources of excess added sugar, and the main source for those age 18 and under is through soft drinks. Soft drinks are nutritionally of no benefit to us and contain massive levels of sugar. For example one can of Coca Cola contains in excess of 10 teaspoons of sugar. Cordials contain massive levels of sugars and it is no surprise that one in three eleven year olds in the UK is overweight.

The drinks industry provides liquid sugar. There is absolutely no nutritional benefit that can be gained from drinking sugar based soft drinks. Clearly they know this and pay millions to ensure that this is not exposed. Coca-Cola has poured millions of pounds into British scientific research and healthy-eating initiatives to counter claims that its drinks help to cause obesity, an investigation by The Times revealed. It makes interesting reading.

By funding studies that mislead the public they are free to continue selling millions of gallons a year. You will note that Coke and Pepsi are major sponsors of big sports events. Coca Cola is always a lead sponsor of the World Cup, Olympics and the Superbowl. Association with sport is a very powerful tool to create a false perception of health and vitality associated with the drink. Of course nothing can be further from the truth.