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Affilliates High-Def GamingCMD$ DYNASTY CLAN

The CMD$ Dynasty Clan is a PS3 Call Of Duty elite clan. We have a open door policy to all gamers who want to become a part of us. We have many clan rosters which gamers can join based on your skill level including our latest: CMD$ Competitive & our all-female roster CMD$ Femaleness. We also offer free logos, themes, wallpapers, avatars, gamer cards and facebook cover artwork for free.

Contact us via any of our social medias located here on our website.

Finest Ladders

We offer both fun and competitive online gaming for individual players and teams/clans. Joining the site is completely free and once signed up you can enjoy the many features of Finest Ladders.

To become an Affiliate message our FaceBook page!


Here is a message from the man himself.

Picxter is a social networking website created and designed by an 18 year old . This is a social networking website with new thinking and creation.

People join picxter to connect with their friends , family and the poeple from all around the world .It is different from other websites as in the case of user interface and also in the case of concept.

It has hugs for people u like, # punches for people u don’t like # it has five star rating on images # it has profile views , post views and etc # u can 5 star rating to a picture # u can also pin people to get their public posts.

The unique thing about this site is that it has a page called ‘ the world ‘ which no other social networking site has . The concept of this page is that people from anypart of the world can post on the world page and it would be a ‘world page public privacy’ and the poeple from any where can see the post posted on the world page on going to the world page only.

The benefit from this is that you can connect with people you like and it can be a fast of connection too.

The site has been only made by a single person so it does not matches the UI level of Facebook or Twitter but it will surely do in upcoming few months.

The site is to bring the chat soon .

The site is to change the entire user interface to match the level of existing good level of social network and to make it more user friendly so than any one can use it with full ease .

The site has been working on many new features and we believe that it can come out well,we are confident about it .

The main goal of the site is to create that level of technology that wud make the connection between the poeple from other parts of the world easier and faster. Visit to get more info