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Now is the time to get the domains you have only dreamed of. For those of us in the Search Engine Optimization industry knows that a PBN, or Private Blog Network, has been all the rage for the past several years. A PBN provides the fastest and safest way to rank a website at the top of search engines.

If you are serious about ranking your websites a strong PBN is essential. Those who know, know. The hardest part of creating a PBN is to find the right domain. You must have have a strong domain with a clean back link profile.

What is a strong domain? That depends who you ask. The more popular metrics used to judge a domain are:

1. Google Page Rank (PR)

2. Majestic Trust Flow (TF)

3. Majestic Citation Flow (CF)

4. Moz Domain Authority (DA)

5. Moz Page Authority (PA)

We have all seen these metrics, scrape with these metrics as our filters and buy domains based on these metrics. The problem? Nothing. These metrics are great if you want an average domain. If you want an exceptional domain you need something else. You need the mystical metrics of 'Authority' and 'Relevant'. This is the difference between ranking and not ranking. Metrics are simply tools to filter. You also need to use domains which have niche related back links, links from sources with a root domain of high DA and TF. These are the missing elements that Web 2.0 sites add to your website and makes ranking easy. You also run into situations of a domain having multiple different metrics. A site with www. will have one score, and if you add http:// it will have a different score. It is the same domain. Same links pointing to the domain, but different metrics. Does google care if your like has http:// in it? No. But if you follow metrics, you do.

What does this mean for you?

If you buy a domain based on metrics alone, you are missing out BIG TIME. When you are looking for a strong PBN or Money Site domain you have a few options. You can find your own or buy an Expired Domain then re register the domain (Good expired domains are becoming harder and harder to find) and sell for $15 + each plus registration. On average you will get mediocre links, not niche relevant, and over all a waste of money.

The truth is a strong PBN or Money Site domain has a few important factors most people miss:

1. High number of quality referring domains.

2. Authority of root domains linking to the domain.

3. What type of links are pointing to your domain.

4. Anchor text ratios.

5. Trust Factors

The most influential option on the list is number one. The higher the number of referring domains, generally, the stronger the domain. A lot of sellers offer domains with a number of referring domain listed at 5 - 10. If you are unlucky you will get a domain with under five referring domains. A single strong referring domain can give a website high TF and PA. But that domain will not rank your key words. It does not have enough power, despite what the metrics tell you.

10 referring domains are not enough. A strong domain should have 15 + referring domains. This will give you lasting power to rank multiple key words with a single PBN domain.

Next up is the authority of the linking pages. You have a big difference between the authority of a real blog mention on a site like CNN and a blog comment. The authority the piece of content offers makes the difference. You should have heard this before, Contextual Links matter. You do not just want 15 + referring domains, you want 15 + referring domains which are apart of domains with high trust and authority of the root domain. Web 2.0s such as Wordpress are brilliant for this and can handle a lot of spam because of the power and authority of the root domain.

After that you have what types of links point to your domain. A big difference exists between a blog comment, a profile link, and a contextual link. A contextual link is always superior to any other link type.

Anchor text ratios are huge after panda / penguin updates. The biggest issue is people will put a lot of exact match anchor links to a specific key word and neglect other key words and naked URLs. Doing this has a few negatives but the biggest problem is you miss out on the positives of a naked URL. A single strong naked URL has the power to improve the rankings of EVERY key word on your website. As long as the domain is niche related and the content is niche related, you will rank just as well if not better.

Finally you have Trust Factors. Trust Factors are most easily found as No - Follow links which still have SEO value. Think Wikipedia links, Press Releases and other such sites. These still help your rankings increase but most SEOs ignore them when looking for a domain.

Why am I telling you all of this?

That is easy. I want you to rank. I am offering a small number of hand selected domains to whom ever wants them. These are not any regular PBN domain.

What I do for my own PBN domains is what I am offering you. This is the Pumper PBN System. The process is simple, Nargil and I:

1. Find the best Expired Domains possible with a clean back link history, TF 10 +, DA 10 +, ect. These are the 'highest quality' domains you will buy for a regular PBN site. In step one we find domains which are the most powerful with the best history. Period. This is the hard part and what others charge you $25 to do this work for you.

2. Register the Expired Domain.

3. You purchase a domain from us, and you tell us your general niche. Ex: Career, Art, Beauty, Health, ect.

4. We add 5 + Niche Relevant .Edu Referring Domains via Contextual Links or 10 + For a Money Site Quality Domain

5. Add Social Bookmarks and Contextual Links to your .Edu Referring Domain Articles to force indexing and add power.

6. Add Expired Web 2.0 links to increase referring domains. For a PBN Quality Site we add at 1 + Referring Domain. For a Money Site quality domain we add at least 3 + Referring Domain and two of these links will be contextual. (For a money site domain this includes a RARE Web 2.0 link type which NO ONE else is using and gives AMAZING ranking power - this is our 'secret sauce' and no, it is NOT a Tumblr, Weebly, Blogspot, or any commonly used Web 2.0). .

7. Add a Niche Specific Press Release which will add the mythical 'Trust' and 'Authority' to your domain and, again, make ranking your site easier.

8. Run all of the built links (Minus the Press Release) will be run through an indexer which we found that works best.

9. Monitor your domain to ensure the links are indexed, your .Edu and Web 2.0s stick for 30 days from posting date.

This is our nine step process for turning a regular PBN domain into an amazing PBN domain. The ranking power difference is amazing. This is not for the SEO who wants to throw up a site to rank 100 different websites in 100 different niches. This is a quality domain, that starts off as a top end PBN domain commonly sold. We then PUMP it up adding all the Trust, Authority and Referring Domains in the best way possible, contextual links through all naked or branded URLs (Unless you ASK for Anchor Texts, we can do this for you for most links).

Most people ask: "If you have a good PBN domain you do not need to build links to it." While this may be true, you are forgetting that real sites get links all the time and not building links actually creates a foot print, and the more referring domains you have the stronger the PBN domain will be. The most mythical 'Trust' and 'Authority' your site has, the stronger it will be. Lastly, the more referring domains the more power will be passed through a link, helping you rank your money site.

How much does this cost?

For a Non - Register Domain we find and your register, $79.00

For a single pre - registered domain for a PBN is $99.00

For $79 / $99 you get a domain with:

1. A clean back link history

2. Pre Registered with Go Daddy and pushed into your account.

3. Beginning Stats are what you expect from a PBN Domain (TF 10 +, DA 10 +, Referring Domains 5 + but we shoot for higher)

4. We add 5 + .Edu Referring Domains via Contextual Niche Relevant Links.

5. We add Expired Web 2.0 Properties to add Referring Domains. At least 1 + Referring Domain will be added (Some of the domains already have Web 2.0 links, so we can only guarantee one additional Referring Domain).

6. A Press Release to index your website and increase trust / authority

7. Extra Link Juice to PUMP the domain up.

8. Run all of the .Edu Links, and Web 2.0 Links through an Indexer

9. Ending Referring Domains will be 20 + (We GUARANTEE this).

10. With a Pre - Registered Domain you get the addition of AGE, which helps you rank.

These are the domains you dream you can find. These are the domains people pay $XXX for at auction or through private sellers. But we are offering it for a fraction of the cost.

All of our domains are generic domains which you will re purpose for your money site. Once you tell us your niche we add all of the links and power up your new PBN domain. Within 14 days all of the links will be dripped in and your PBN site will be stronger than ever.

We also offer money site domains. The exact same high quality domains BUT we offer a guarantee of 10 + .Edu referring domains and a guarantee of 25 + Referring domains. All of the .Edu links will be niche related. These money site domains are $199.00 and they are killer. They are designed to rank all easy competition Key Words with no other link building. They are designed to make ranking a medium on a hard KW easier.

Order NOW