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This is a Powerful Pack of FRESH/NEW High DA US .EDU Sites That Will Host Your Own Blog with Unlimited Blog Posts for Free to Supplement Any Current Link Building Strategy

This is a Fresh Pack of US .EDU Blogs as of Nov. 9, 2015 Including the Domains: UNM.EDU (DA86, PR7) Syr.EDU (DA82, PR8), LACityCollege.EDU and bonuses!

These blog posts you can post on the blogs you create on these .EDU domains are going to be more authoritative and powerful than any post you get on a regular PBN blog; you wont find quality posts like these anywhere else. Best of all you get your own blog on each of these high domain authority US .EDU sites so you can write unlimited posts. This means you can add these to your PBN, use them for all your sites and sell posts on them to others for a premium. These are some of the strongest and highest quality tier 1 properties you can create. Post an unlimited number of your blog posts directly on these .EDU domains on your own blogs and link directly to your money pages for a great SERP boost!

On these .EDU domains (not .EDU.XX) you can create your very own blogs and post unlimited blog posts with anchor text backlinks on these .EDU domains with extremely high domain authority. The domains you will get your very own blog with full control over on include:

UNM.EDU DA86, PR7 domain, this is extremely high authority
Syr.EDU DA82, PR8 domain, this is also extremely high authority
LACityCollege.EDU DA58, PR6 domain, this one is a little weaker but still certainly authority

This pack also includes far more bonuses than other pack, including varied link types from very high DA .EDU domains such as Harvard.EDU (DA95), Berkeley.EDU (DA94), Northwestern.EDU (DA89) and Columbia.EDU (DA94)!

All 3 of these blogs have easy WYSIWY editors, much like WordPress, and allow you to quickly and easily publish unlimited blog posts to them and have complete control over your own blog. These are not wikis (like this site) or profiles or any of your normal .EDU links, these are actual blogs that you can create on different US .EDU domains and then have full control over including exclusive unlimited posting. These all run the same type of platform as well which offers great benefits such as keyword/custom URLs, these blogs and this platform are better and more SEO friendly than any previous .EDU blogs we have offered! These are all 100% fresh and verified guaranteed working blogs as of today, November 9, 2015!

What you are getting is your very own blog that you will have complete and sole control over on these three different US .EDU domains. You will be able to write unlimited blog posts on any topic, with anchor text backlinks. Your full posts will be published and live instantly and without moderation and will quickly give you a great boost in SERPs. Again, these are even better than our previous blogs offered as the platform shared by all three of these, which are on the different .EDU domains listed above, is even more SEO friendly and user friendly. With great formatting/appearance of published posts as well you can market directly on these blogs and they will rank well naturally for low/medium competition keywords as well as being used for the obvious SEO/link building.

No matter what your backlinking strategy is, having unique content blog posts with anchor text backlinks from your very own blogs on all 3 of these different US .EDU domains will give you a solid boost. If you are a link seller/provider or a PBN owner these are great additions to your campaigns/blasts that people will pay a lot extra for as well. If you need an extra product or service to add to a package these blog posts sell like crazy and webmasters will line up to give you their money! If you are trying to break into earning $$ as a SEO/link provider a single post on just one of these blogs is a great Fiverr gig or you can sell a post both blogs for an easy $25+ as a service on SEO/IM/webmaster forums.

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This guide will allow you to get blogs on 3 different US .EDU domains in just a couple of minutes total where you will permanently have complete control over your blog which you may post unlimited blog posts to, all hosted on these high domain authority .EDU domains. As if this rare discounted deal wasn't good enough you can be sure we always include some bonuses for those who are quick enough to score a copy! We have a long history of the rarest and most powerful backlinking around, contact us at BHW Forums (Executive VIP Member) with any questions, but hurry no copies will be reserved! *

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