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Athletes try different means to know how to increase vertical jump to record best heights. But, the aspect that is often overlooked by most is natural performance. Rectifying mistakes is one of the best ways of training. There are athletes who train rigorously at the time of games and forget about the importance of keeping body fit once they are done with games. This results in frequent injuries as the body cannot cope with the irregular schedule. Even muscles cause sprains in the joints as well as in the key areas like thighs and shoulders. Performance is important but the way how one achieves performance is equally important as well. Repetitions

Focus your attention on your training and learn how to jump higher in a naturally way while you practice. Small changes that you bring in while practicing will prove to be crucial once you intensify training sessions. For example, consider repetitions for every exercise you perform. Muscles have got the tendency of adjusting to repeated actions and this makes you much stronger. It will help you when you are preparing for any major events. Yours being athletic means that you should always concentrate on your physical movements. Other factors like diet, rest and workouts will help you in achieving your goal. Personality

People need to look at their personality before thinking on how to increase vertical jump limits. Those with a burly physique will never be able to achieve their goal of reaching higher levels unless and until they consider a change in their personality. The diet you take plays a crucial role in building up your body into exact size and shape. It is a proven fact that those who are light in weight will be able to jump high than those who are fat. Regular training along with a diet that is low on fat will bring in changes in a natural way. Dead lifts

Weight training is the best way to jump high for all those who learn how to jump higher as the lower body plays a decisive role in determining to what extent a person can leap vertically. Whenever you lift weights, you are bound to do the exercise for certain number of times. Once you are done with a particular set, try to lift the weights few more times and those dead lifts will make all the different for you in the long run.