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What's Really Awesome About The Beyond Diet Program

Warning! The Beyond Diet (Beyond Diet Program as it was called previously), works for those who don’t keeping switching from one diet fad to another and who hold on to the strong determination of ‘keeping it healthy’.

Unlike other fad-furnished diets, the Beyond Diet Program is more of a ‘lifestyle plan’.

It was designed by Isabel De Los Rios, a fitness trainer and also the author of ‘The Beyond Diet Program’, the book. Isabel De Los Rios’s pull toward leading a healthy and fit lifestyle occurred when she found out about her parents and grandparents, both being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. By the way, you can read real consumer reviews of the beyond diet all over the web.

That was her calling as so, it must be yours too whilst reading this review.

So what really makes it different from other diet plans? As much as we wouldn’t like to admit, being fans of a particular diet that worked for us for some time, there are innumerable diet plans that often claim their legitimacy on the lines of the terminology above – lifestyle plan. It plans your food, your workout, your life. So many diets do. What makes the Beyond Diet Program ‘it’? (More here: http://www.beyonddietcentral.com/reviews/ )

The Beyond Diet Program is holistic in approach, a distinctive qualitative ideology in no other diet you have ever come across. It certainly does help you plan your food chart, but with a twist that is unheard of in the Kingdom of Diets. The program helps and lets you lose weight by the way through your stomach – your food, indeed. However, it helps you choose the right food for your body in accordance to your rate of metabolism. Following are the main attractions that make beyond diet extremely attractive, popular and the reasons why it works!

Holistic approach As mentioned above the Beyond Diet Program is holistic in nature therefore, it can be said that it keeps the character of each dieter and helps with a healthy weight loss as per fitness terms. It takes your abilities and customizes its plans according to you.

It’s permanent The Beyond Diet helps cover the eating habits and eating strategies of the person undergoing weight loss, permanently. This diet program is based on your metabolism and calories, so you are in safe hands until you plan to get back to square one (unhealthy ways!). Your program is for life and not just a temporary modification in your personality and body. You are mentally and physically healthy on long term basis.

Setting up your mind The dieters are advised to think about their goals and what they want to achieve in regards to their body. Visualizations and writing down your goals literally mark the start of your journey towards your desired body. Make peace with your mind if you want to achieve your goal, the Beyond Diet Program will help you here.

Awareness Since this program is a natural weight loss program, it is important for the dieters to ‘know their food’. It helps everyone to recognize the right food. Rethinking about and understanding the dangers of hydrogenated fats, chips, crackers, cookies and basic junk food intake plays a major role in the awareness process.

Meals Every meal is protein dominated, therefore you eat comparatively less and healthy with regards to your ‘eat-all-that-you-see’ eating habits. Omega 3 fats have thumbs up from the Beyond Diet and do not forget the awesome recipes! Although not very vegan, the Beyond Diet has considerable amount of raw nuts, veggies, organic eggs, avocado, and sweet potatoes (baked) in that department. UPDATE: We just heard they have recently added a dedicated vegan meal plan in the member's area.

The workout regime De Los Rios recommends a cardiovascular and strength based workout for dieters, which is not very much but is the right track in accordance to the weight of food intake as compared to physicality in the program.

Extra help The Beyond Diet Program recommends you its money back guaranteed e-book copy which includes your quick-start guide, daily meal plans, recipes, FAQs, a healthy shopping list and also a journal to track and record your progress!

Weight loss was never so convenient! In fact, if you hate counting calories, this is the one solution that beats them all. So definitely, at least give it a try, it might be exactly what the Doctor ordered.