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Freezing Strawberries

Once in a while we need to make use of the strawberry fruit for making smoothies and we more often have to rely on the frozen strawberries if the summer season (When the strawberry fruit is plentiful in supply) is over.

In this article we will explore all the steps necessary to efficiently freeze your strawberries and make the strawberries last long after the strawberry season is over. Strawberries have always been a revered fruit through the middle ages and to this present times.

The search for an efficient way to preserve this most-precious of fruit is not new to man, as our ancestors explored several ways to preserve strawberries by drying and all that. But today, freezing has emerged as the preferred method of preserving strawberries, although freezing does have it's drawbacks, it is the most efficient way to ensure your strawberries are kept good for longer periods of time.

One good way that works for me in freezing strawberries is by keeping the berries in ice cube trays. The steps involved in this as follows;

- Wash the strawberries. Make sure you pick berries that are looking good and free from molds. - Place the the washed berries in a place where they can get dried. - Take the dried berries and place them in a zip-lock bag. - Place the bag in your refrigerator to freeze, remember to put a date label on the bag. source: [1]