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Most of the People using DSLR camera (digital single lens reflex camera),earlier people used film based cameras now a day that can replaced by DSLR also known as digital SLR cameras. DSLR cameras can operate easy and don’t worry about adjustment of lens; most of the functions operating automatically, DSLR has simple and faster photographic features.

Some of the digital cameras differ from DSLR cameras by their reflex mode.

DSLR cameras can be using to capture the realistic videos with high clarity; DSLR cameras have full automatic and some other modes like landscape, portrait, night modes. DSLR cameras designed for easy operating and easy changing lenses ,adjust the settings quickly, earlier cameras cannot have waterproof mode DSLR cameras have waterproof mode it can use for capture the realistic videos underwater it is the most advanced feature and it can used for underwater photography who has passionate to capture underwater movements .DSLR cameras are useful in situations. DSLR cameras can help you to get up close and personal movements . DSLR cameras equipped with easy operating modes. Best Entry Level DSLR