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There has been age old debates regarding which one is a better solution to skin problems – cosmetic or natural. Though natural ingredients always won by a fair margin, it is the cosmetic products that are more widely used today. Natural cure takes time to show visible results, is difficult and time consuming to prepare, whereas, the cosmetic products are moderately priced, easily available and shows visible results in just a few weeks. Though there has been suspicions about the safety of using these cosmetic products on the long run, it has now been proven scientifically that these products are quite safe to use for a long time. The creams, lotions and serums acting as dark circle remedies are quite effective and easy to use, which makes them instant hits. International cosmetic giants as well as the local brands are coming up with various innovations, all targeted to get rid of under eye circles. However, it is the experts’ opinion that if both the natural and cosmetic solutions are used in tandem, then the problem of dark circles could be handled more effectively. Cosmetic solutions ensure that you lose your under eye circles in a short time and natural solutions prevent them from reappearing. Both these solution for dark circles, when used alternately, could help you achieve brighter under eyes and make you look fresh and radiant.

Solution for Dark Circles: The Last Resort Dark circles are not life threatening, they are quite easily treatable and nothing serious. But negligence can make matters worse. Completely ignoring your dark circles and not taking any cosmetic or natural help can take you to such a stage where surgery and painful injections are the only way you can get rid of under eye circles. Modern surgical solution for dark circles, blepharoplasty, is the only way in which dark circles can be removed permanently. It is actually surgery of the lower eyelids and is a combination of more than one surgical procedures. But, it is better to resort to surgery only when all other forms of treatment have been proved to be ineffective.You can found some effective eye creams at

Various Other Treatments to Get Rid of Under Eye CirclesAfter you have tried all possible natural treatments and every anti-dark circle cream available in the market without any success, don’t get disheartened yet, as there are a lot of other treatments for dark circle remedies to check out before you finally decide to go for surgery. 1.Hyaluronic acid injections quite effectively deal with the problem of dark circles and under eye puffiness by acting as fillers under the eyes. 2.Fat injections are also used to treat dark circles that are caused by loss of fat and tissue under the eyes. 3.IPL (Intense Pulsed Light Therapy) or Photo Facial is used to treat dark circles where blood vessels below the eyes become visible. 4.Combination of laser treatments and chemical peel is the most effective way to treat dark circles that have failed other treatments.