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Whether you're sweating because you just had an intense workout, you're nervous on the drive to that first date, or you're coming down with the flu, you're probably thanking your lucky stars that you remembered your trusty antiperspirant this morning. In fact, you likely put it on every morning without ever thinking about it, but here are some weird things you probably didn't know about your deodorant.

1. You can become immune to antiperspirant:

Did you know that your body can adapt to the regular antiperspirant that you're using, and it can happen pretty quickly too! To combat this, you need to switch your brand up every six months or so, especially if you're noticing a decrease in its effectiveness.

2. Deodorant is older than you think:

Deodorant has been around for much longer than you would ever imagine. The first deodorant was invented in 1888, with the first antiperspirant following 15 years later. That antiperspirant was so acidic that it would eat through clothing.

3. Yes, they're different things:

In case you've wondered before, deodorant works hard to mask odors that are produced by sweating but does nothing to stop the sweat. Antiperspirant works by blocking the sweat glands, meaning that you produce less sweat.

4. Antiperspirants should be applied at night:

To be at their most effective, antiperspirants should be applied at night. Firstly, your body temperature is cooler at night, meaning the antiperspirant can be easily absorbed into your skin while you sleep. Secondly, most people apply antiperspirant after their morning shower while their skin is wet. This decreases its effectiveness even further as the agents that block the sweat glands cannot seep into the skin.

5 They're not as effective as you might think:

According to the FDA, antiperspirants can boast 'all day protection' if they reduce sweat by 20%, and can proudly call themselves 'extra strength' if they reduce sweat production by 30%. Sure, it's still definitely a percentage less sweat that's worth having, and they smell great...but we were thinking more like 80%!

6 Deodorant kills bacteria:

The sweat you produce is almost entirely odorless. The unpleasant smell comes from bacteria which break down sweat on your skin. The right kind of deodorant helps fight the war against body odor as it contains antibacterial agents to stop the stench before it starts. So, contrary to popular belief, it isn't just masking the smell, but helping to remove it entirely!

7 Effect on our emotions and memories:

Scientific research and studies have proved the fact that perfumes and scents have an effect on our emotions and memories. The use of a proper fragrance can always get you into a better mood. It also often happens that some particular fragrance might remind you of someone or bring back some old memories to your mind

8 Dated back to as long as 3500 years before:

Some of the historians who deal with perfumes believe that they have found evidence of the fact that the usage of the perfumes can be dated back to as long as 3500 years before. These murals displayed a fleet of the Egyptians that sailed off in search of myrrh and some other exotic aromatics from the s called Land of Punt.

9 Synthetic fragrance oils and chemicals are used to make deodorants:

Mostly synthetic fragrance oils and chemicals are used to make perfumes. This allows provisions for combining a variety of fragrances that are not available naturally. "Calone" is one such synthetic compound that imparts a marine or ozonous scent. Synthetic fragrance creates a much lasting effect that the natural oils though many people still prefer the idea of natural fragrances.

10 Jasmine and Rose's flowers are used to make cologne:

They are most commonly used in case of modern perfumery are Jasmine and Rose that are considered as staples in the palettes of the commercial perfumers. These two essences perhaps make the best perfumes that have ever been made. The use of this men cologne was started mainly in Germany and was used by both men and women though it is more of a trend for the men in the recent days.