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=== Welcome to the Planteome Annotation Wiki, a resource for annotated plant genotypes and phenotypes on the semantic web! ===

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| We host annotations from a variety of published data sources. You are free to browse these annotations and search for specific genes, synonyms, EC numbers, cross-references, and references to publications, as well as many other types of data.

You may also add information of your own. If you would like to create your own annotations or add more data to existing annotations, please click '''[[special:UserLogin|here]]''' to establish a new curator account.

If you already have a curator account, just '''[[Special:UserLogin|log in]]''' and begin annotating!

=== Search for annotation data ===
Search for existing annotations (or data therein):

=== Create your own annotations ===
'''[[Special:FormEdit/Annotation|Add a new gene annotation.]]'''

=== What is semantic data, and how can it enhance my research? ===

To get a good idea of what types of annotation data live on this wiki, take a look at the '''[[Special:Categories|Categories]]''' page.
|| [[File:Edit_3.png|300px|right|border|link=;action=formedit|Sample editing interface]]

== Credits and Thanks ==

The Jaiswal Lab would like to thank the following grant awards, partners, and funding agencies:

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| [[File:Poc_logo_135_118.png|left|link=|alt=The Plant Ontology Consortium]] || [[File:Gramene_logo.png|left|border|link=|]] || [[File:cROP_garland_logo.png|left|link=|alt=Common Reference Ontologies for Plant Biology]] || [[File:NSF_logo.png|left|130px|link=|alt=National Science Foundation]] || [[File:OSU_logo_112_117.png|left|border|link=|alt=Oregon State University]]

Funding for the Plant Ontology Consortium (POC) is provided by the U.S. National Science Foundation (Award #0822201).

This application is built and maintained by the [[File:jaiswal_lab_logo.png|130px|link=|alt=Jaiswal Lab]]</rev>